Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Beautiful Mess goes "Live." New Look, Blog & Online Shopping

To say the past three months of my life have been a whirlwind would be a major understatement!  I was blessed with success at the Remnants of the Past antique show in San Luis Obispo, a week later my eldest daughter graduated from high school and a seemingly “short” two weeks after that I turned the big 4-0.  It has been busy to say the least, but I wouldn’t trade these past three months for anything. (except for more sleep:) Life has a peculiar way of presenting its challenges and opportunities to us, sometimes we think the direction our path is taking us is the only one to follow, but really our paths can twist, turn, and sometimes even collide with another leading us to new experiences and adventures we would have never encountered otherwise.
I am so fortunate to have friends, family and customers who continue to support my store even though they live in different cities, states and countries. I am more than elated to announce the launch of our online store and our new blog for all of you who wish to visit A Beautiful Mess day or night.
I am extremely grateful to my assistant Sami, my wonderful photographer Dustylu and my web designer Avalon Rose for making my vision a virtual wonderland! To my unbelievably dedicated and hard working staff thank you for taking on all the extra responsibilities. To my husband Geoff and my 3 girls, thank you for not putting up “Missing Person” posters of me.
Have a great weekend and thank you for joining me on my journey.

P.S. To all of you that follow me on Blogspot... Please follow this link to subscribe & follow me on
 Wordpress from here on out...

A Beautiful Mess Antiques New Blog

See you there!!


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