Monday, March 14, 2011

More Vellum has hit our shelf......

This stunning set of 18th Century Encyclopedias from 1747-1748 is perched behind our counter. They contain the early paper label from the Gilmanton Theological Library and are reputedly from George Sale.  Not only is it extremely rare to have a full set of any series, but this complete set dating back to the American Revolution era is all in English, which is very rare since most vellum is written in Latin, French or Italian.  These can be enjoyed in a language that everyone can read, and get a perspective on the latest knowledge as it was gathered and reported in the 18th Century.  

 Another rarity is how the inscriptions were done on the spines of this collection.  It is incredibly special for almost the entire spine to be utilized when labeling antique books.  Most book bindings prior to and during this era were done using a small portion of the spine. These however have beautiful penmanship all the way down.  

This set has the most marvelous boards (front and rear covers) covered in beautiful marbled paper.  Which for those of you that don't know, this marbled coloring was done by hand, by artists using multi-colored paints.  Today these marbled prints are recreated onto modern made fabrics used for clothing and interiors. 

The vellum collection we've all enjoyed at our store, as well as most of the vellum books we've seen elsewhere, all have aged into gamuts of shades from the palest white to the deepest umber.  These however, are a luminous snowy moonlight color, glowing in a beautiful way, almost from within.  

Within this set lies loads of fold out engravings, maps and illustrations.  Each of these is worthy of being framed on their own and hung maybe in a personal library or office. 

In order to preserve this beautiful set we will only be able to release it as a complete one.  Imagine the shelves you could fill or the mantle you could decorate. 

 I hope you've enjoyed reading about this new found treasure.  Stay tuned tomorrow night as we introduce you all to Tina O'Flaherty. 

Have a wonderful Monday!!