Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing... The Junk Girls... Jenny and Melissa

Being surrounded by such magnificent talent is both inspiring and motivating.  You have met 4 fabulous woman and I want to introduce you to two more....they are called
The Junk Girls...but us ladies know them as Jenny and Melissa.

Jenny Kompolt, Melissa James and Me
These ladies focus their energy and passion together and are responsible for some of the most unique creations we've ever seen.  Their story began in corporate America where they both spent time in the Graphic Design & Ad Agency world, then Jenny as the Creative Director for Netflix, and then both of them worked in the marketing department of EBay. Most recently they spent 10 years as the Founder & Co-Founder of Kompolt Online Auction Agency , working with large corporate brands, agencies and non-profits to raise money for charity and bring awareness to their products & causes. They are especially proud of that "past life" and the over $23 M raised, just while they were there - and to see the company continue to thrive, too! 

What started as "art therapy" has blossomed into other areas. Including wall installations, lighting, furniture,  and "Bling"  using antique, vintage, found & recycled objects.

They have a passion for finding the beauty in something common and turning it into something beautiful and changing the way people see it. 

Antique industrial salvage turned into lighting, tables, accessories and wall art

One of a kind water feature made from an old copper tub

Pendent lighting made from antique yard sticks
Jenny's beautiful antique letterpress tables, desks and mirrors
The Junk Girls famous "Bling" line has propelled The Junk Girls to stardom in stores, wineries and boutiques nationwide.  Using recycled spoons to create keychains, necklaces, Holiday ornaments,  labels for wine bottles, cheese markers, tablecloth weights, letter openers and plant markers.

Their latest "Bling" is made from vintage door kick plates made from brass that were salvaged from schools in the Central Coast of California.

Not only can you make a necklace or a keychain from the many varieties of sayings, letters and numbers you can also wear one on your wrist that's been made into a fashionable leather cuff made from vintage leather belts.

This past week the girls paid us a visit and brought us lots of new Junk Girl items for the store.  Including water features for indoors and out, their new "Aviary" pendent lights and lots of beautiful "cloche art".  The new bling and cuffs will be in store in the next week along with a new product that I know you all will be thrilled to use the next time you entertain.  For now I have to remain hush hush but stay tuned.... they're well worth the wait.

 These two ladies have blessed my life in so many ways.  Not only are there creations a huge compliment to the store, but they have become very good friends.  Together we're climbing, following our dreams, inspiring one another, and creating great memories along the way. Thank you Jenny and Melissa for all that you bring to my life and "The Mess"

The Junk Girls, 3 Fine Grains / A Beautiful Mess will be selling at the Alameda Flea Market June 5th in space B21.  Hope to see you there!

Have a Happy Memorial Day!


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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fabulous Fifi O'Neill's Book Signing at A Beautiful Mess Antiques

Read all about it...
Mark your calender's everyone!!!
Yes, that is right for JULY 5, 2011
The one and only Fifi O'Neill is going to grace,
A Beautiful Mess with a book signing!!

Romantic Prairie Style in the April 23, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal.   

 Fifi's book has made it to Wall Street!, 
Romantic Prairie Style ranked #6 in sales on Nielsen Book scan for two weeks in a row in the Hardcover House & Home category, as reported in the Best-Selling Books listing (week ended April 17th) in the April 23, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal Circulation: 9,963,418 
Romantic Prairie Style
Homes Inspired by Traditional Country Life
CICO Books, April 2011
by Fifi O’Neill
 Pre-order your copy on Amazon today!!!
  This book is one of our favorite decor books out there. Fifi is such a
talented and kind women and we are honored to have her
at A Beautiful Mess. We can't wait for the book signing and
for everyone to meet this amazing author!
Here is a sneak peak of the book!! Enjoy..

 also made the page of PERIOD IDEAS
the beautiful British magazine.
 is featured in the April issue of CS
INTERIORS magazine (Chicago).
This book is everywhere!!

This will be a big event!
So don't forget to save the date 
JULY 5, 2011
You won't want to miss it!!
Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served...

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

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Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remnants of the Past

We're back at "The Mess" and all settled in after a fun-filled, crazy busy and successful weekend up in Nipomo.  What a show!!!  Thousands of people attended this show and came from all over the country to see some of the best in the business and what an honor to be among them.  Fun was had by all and "Success" and "Fabulous Finds" were the most heard words at the end of the day.  

If you haven't been to the show before than add it to your "To-Do" list today.  It's by far the best show on the West Coast! 

Here's just a few pictures from our booths at the show. Thankfully we were able to grab our fabulous Photographer Lu Tapp who was there shooting the show.
 We all forgot our cameras.....Ooops!  

We hope to see you in October.... we won't be disappointed.

Before closing this post we would like to say, "Thank You Judy" from all of us at A Beautiful Mess!  Without you this show wouldn't be what it is today and we're grateful for all the time and planning you put into making it a success not only for the vendors, but for those that come from near and far to shop your wonderful show with Habitat for Humanity being the benefitting charity. 

You're a blessing to us all!