Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the Trophy goes to...

Our team loves searching high and low for that one stand out "Find" that sets you apart from the rest.  The thrill of the hunt, and the treasure at the end, is so much of what it's about and of course recounting the stories to just how filthy dirty you got,  how far you traveled, and even sometimes how you overpaid for the item, make it even better. 

As a young girl I never won any trophies, thus I don't have my own personal collection. However, I do get to move and clean my daughter's, she has from years of playing soccer. Up until now, I haven't had any particular interest in trophies.  But this past week, that all changed.  I became crazy after seeing this stunning trophy from a bike race circa 1890 amongst many other beautiful trophies. I became a woman on a mission, as I climbed up and over numerous spider webbed shelves, with God knows what else lurking below me.... as I hunted.

 Antique silver trophies in a grouping with creamy antique vellum books..... it doesn't get any prettier than that!

I love this small trophy cup with the religious figure on the front dated 1855.

I'm crazy over this bowling trophy.  The 3 dimensional bowler is amazing!

105 years later and this trophy is still as beautiful as ever.

A few of them are "triple" handled trophies, which I had never seen before from the Victorian Era.  It's dated 1909 and is very rare.

The perfect trophy for the perfect Valentine.  Take notice of the heart on the front.

How about a Regatta cup from 1902?

And last but definitely not least..... this 1890 Bicycle Trophy with a handmade bicycle on the bottom.
This alone was worth every foot that I climbed and every cobweb that stuck to me.

Isn't it magnificent?

It dazzles me to think of the athletes that worked so hard to achieve something great, whom once held these trophies in their hands full of pride and great achievement.  

I've began to wonder how they placed them in their homes.  Were they filled with flowers or just placed on a mantle?  So many uses, yet so full of beauty.  The possibilities are endless.
Please share with us how you've used antique trophies in your home or office?

Have a wonderful end to your week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Signing...

A fabulous book signing coming soon to........

 A Beautiful Mess,

details will be coming soon... stay tuned...

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Belle Blanc Book Pre-order & Our Window

We at A Beautiful Mess are so excited to announce,
that we are now offering our readers and anyone who's interested,
 an opportunity to pre-order
the Belle Blanc Book from us!
This book is gorgeous and it contains the most beautiful photographs of French-Swedish, Nordic
decor and tons and tons of inspiration!
We are very honored to be selling this book.... which by the way... is very diffcult to get.

We would like to advise that the price of the book is $125 at this time... due to shipping and customs charges, etc..... 
If you live out of California, we would be more than happy to ship a copy to you at a minimal charge.

On another note...we would like to show one of our most recent
window dressings!
We love to re-create stunning windows and displays and
will often share them with all of you!

As you can see, our "only" window is very small, so we had a stage built on the inside of the store so we can create displays at eye level and utilize the very high ceilings.

We hope you've enjoyed the view looking in. Stay tuned for another big announcement on Sunday
and have a wonderful week!