Saturday, May 12, 2012

To my Mom on Mother's Day

To my beautiful Mom...

A day without you in my life would be a day without sunshine.  You've been my strength when I've been weak.  You've held me up when I've had trouble standing tall.  You've stood tall and proud beside me every step of the way through my life.  

My dear Mom, I cherish you.  You're not just my Mom... You're my best friend.
I thank God daily for the love you've given me and for blessing my life as your Daughter.  You've made me the person I am today...  The Mother, the Daughter, the Grandaughter, the Wife and the Business Woman...  It's all because of you.  You often tell people that my creativity comes from somewhere else and not from you... you're wrong.  My creativity comes from you. You showing me how to love and appreciate all that surrounds me and through that I've created from the heart. 

I only can hope that when my girls are all grown that they can look at me with the same admiration, appreciation and love that I have for you.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

To all my friends and followers wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day as well. 
I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones.  


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  1. Beautiful words to you mother, truly special. You are blessed to share this day, my best wishes to you both. With love from South Africa
    Colette x

  2. kymberley,
    what a beautiful tribute to your mother...

  3. What a great post! I will do mine later today. I am struggling as my mom is very ill.. Cancer! It is so hard emotionally. Blessings to you. Happy Mother's Day to you!!


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  6. Beautiful words to you mother, truly special. Thank you for Sharing!