Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Easter Tradition

For 38 years I've been coloring Easter eggs the old fashioned way, with vinegar and tablets. My papa loves to color Easter eggs and since I was a wee-one he's made it a point to make this a family tradition that we have always shared with my girls.

Papa and Gramma and my Mom giggling in the background
 Our Easter eggs aren't something you'd see on the front cover of Martha Stewart, but to me they're special because they're made with love by my family in a very traditional way.  We typically get together on Good Friday to decorate. The girls even made one last year for their favorite boy....
Justin Beiber (lol).

J.B. front and center

Brielle and Grace 
So, what do we do with our beautiful eggs after we dye them?... We leave them for the Easter Bunny to hide for the annual Egg Hunt Extravaganza!  Brielle, my oldest, has learned the hard way to steer clear  of her little sisters during the hunt, because it's a winner takes all filled with laughter and giggles. 

Scarlet... The ultimate Egg-Hunter

Around Easter Time, we have an annual visitor.  This Mother Goose has nested on my parents boat, and this time she has twins.  One of her unborn babies is warm and cozy under a feathery blanket and the other is kept warm in the crook of her mother's neck. The Father forages for her daily and makes sure his three loves are safe and sound. It's so sweet to watch... especially for my girls.

I'm so looking forward to spending the next 3 days enjoying my family.  I wish you all a very Happy Easter.  May it be filled with love, family and life long traditions.  Blessings!!



  1. Hello Kimberley,
    A very lovely Easter post! I remember well when we colored always the Easter eggs by hand, with drawings, onion skins, vinegar, and...and...

    So good to know that somewhere in the world old traditions are still 'alive'!

    Best wishes for you and your family for a Happy Easter!

    Warmest greetings from the PĂ©rigord,

  2. Hi Kymberley, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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