Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oddities & The Calm Show

We are often asked why we chose the word "oddities"
to be a part of our store name and what it really means to us.... Each of us love to search for unique finds
that most people often pass up, because they don't understand what it is, or in many cases they fail to see the beauty in it's uniqueness.  An oddity is a piece that you pick up and you're not quite sure of what it is or what it used to be, but you love it for what it can create as a conversation piece that will add uniqueness to any living space. Here's a few examples of some of the oddities we have in "The Mess" today.....

Wonderful old leather dolls missing body parts 

Think of what they could add to that table or bookcase

We call this guy "Pat"...

He stands tall watching over the counter and
greeting customers as they come through our door

Old cement molds from years ago

Wonderful odd accoutrement's to add to any home or garden!

Antique German porcelain doll parts

Placed in a silver dish on a coffee table they can make the most interesting display

 Antique cherub hanging from an industrial stand

It's a beauty all on it's own!

This is the all time favorite oddity in the store.... an old puppet inside an antique radiator fashioned into a piece of art.... it even has a hand beaded chandelier inside with a pull chain

Imagine the conversations this piece would spark...

We would love it if you would leave us a comment and tell us about your oddities and how you've placed them in your living space.  

Also, be sure and visit us in Santa Barbara this weekend...
The Calm Show is one of the most unique shows
locally with one-of-a-kind vendors
Be sure to visit 3 Fine Grains / A Beautiful Mess's space 

Hope to see you there!


  1. I love Ted ~ he's a hoot. I don't think I have any oddities...maybe I'll start looking for them. Your displays are fabulous ;-)

  2. Pretty sure my oddities are living breathing works of this idea!

  3. I am loving Ted too! I do not have any oddities like these but if you ask my family they'd beg to differ! Great displays!!

  4. Ted, oh, my.... is he for sale?
    we have quite a few oddites, enough to have our children questioning us at times. It would be in the eye of the beholder to chose the most odd...perhaps the stuffed squirrel? the one with button eyes and missing a paw (of course his name is Lucky)