Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Belle Blanc Book Pre-order & Our Window

We at A Beautiful Mess are so excited to announce,
that we are now offering our readers and anyone who's interested,
 an opportunity to pre-order
the Belle Blanc Book from us!
This book is gorgeous and it contains the most beautiful photographs of French-Swedish, Nordic
decor and tons and tons of inspiration!
We are very honored to be selling this book.... which by the way... is very diffcult to get.

We would like to advise that the price of the book is $125 at this time... due to shipping and customs charges, etc..... 
If you live out of California, we would be more than happy to ship a copy to you at a minimal charge.

On another note...we would like to show one of our most recent
window dressings!
We love to re-create stunning windows and displays and
will often share them with all of you!

As you can see, our "only" window is very small, so we had a stage built on the inside of the store so we can create displays at eye level and utilize the very high ceilings.

We hope you've enjoyed the view looking in. Stay tuned for another big announcement on Sunday
and have a wonderful week!


  1. BEAUTIFUL.....& regarding Sunday's're such a tease Kym!!

  2. Love your window! It would draw me right into your shop!

  3. Just picked up February Romantic Homes and LOVED the article and photos! I am new to blogging and following but am loving it. You are living your dream and the dream I hope to fulfill someday. But for now it's baby steps! Check out my blog and become a follower too. I'd love to have you.
    Congratulations! I'll be checking back!

  4. just saw the post my good friend Lulu did on the photo-shoot and your beautiful shop! I so wish I could go into your store and browse and meet you!!!

    That's just awesome that the article was published in there......
    isn't Lulu the best??

    Anne Marie
    (I wish that book was a bit cheaper...but I am sure it is totally worth it)

  5. Your store window is is your store! It was so nice to meet you and I will be back soon. Also so lovely to see you at the CALM show. I only said a brief hello because your booth was the most popular and I didn't want to interupt you. See you soon.

  6. Your shop looks incrediable wish I lived closer...well at least we have a little piece your treasures... my mom loves her heart. xoxo Laura

  7. Oh my, I love your window! Love the books!
    I wish I lived closer to visit.

  8. Love your blog/displays
    I'll be back

    barbara jean

  9. You have such a clever idea. Creating a tableau of your products right at your window is the surest way to be noticed by your prospective clients/buyers. I also love how you designed your wall and window. It evokes a classy and charming ambiance. Perfect!

    Leif Clancy

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