Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rachel Ashwell Visits And Shops With Us & A New Book

A wonderful end to A Beautiful Mess week!
We here at A Beautiful Mess have always loved Rachel Ashwell and her style.
We were honored today when Rachel herself came into our store to shop today!
She was even more lovely in person, with a heart of gold.
She is not only talented, but very kind and down to earth.

thanks Lulu

Also, some great news, we will be carrying 
 this gorgeous new book from
at A Beautiful Mess soon...

More exclusives on that later...

Thanks for stopping into the store and our blog!
Have a wonderful week ahead!!


  1. How wonderful to have such an honored guest. I am hoping to stop by your store on my next visit down south, this Spring. So happy you're carrying Belle Blanc too xoxo tami

  2. What a nice surprise visitor! She is lovely.
    That Belle Blanc book looks devine.
    I saw your feature in the Romantic Homes magazine. Your shop photos were wonderful. I so wish I could come visit.
    Becky C

  3. What a lovely surprise ~ The Bell Blanc book looks absolutely FABULOUS. Would love to visit sometime ;-) have a great week

  4. What an exciting weekend for you! Congrats! Oh that book looks wonderful!!

  5. So thrilled to hear you will be offering the Belle Blanc book. As a long time admirer of their blogs, it is a must have for anyone's collection. Looking forward to hearing more news of its arrival.

  6. Thank you Kymberly for this awesome post... never thought to be mentioned in the same post with wonderful Rachel Ashwell, hope you will get the books soon, hugs Mira!

  7. Two great bits of news! Thanks so much for carrying Mira's book.

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio