Sunday, May 27, 2012

The "Brielle" handbag by Kymberley Fraser

I have been dreaming and mentally creating a 3 Fine Grains Couture handbag for many years. My dreams have become reality and next week at The Remnants of the Past Show I will start selling my very first Couture handbag... The Brielle.  Named after my first born and created with Brielle's day to day style in mind.  Thrown across the body during the day and carried as a Clutch in the evening for those more fashionable outings; The Brielle is the perfect accessory for any style.

The Brielle is created using my signature line of Original Antique German grain sacks.  Black satin lines the inside with a zippered pocket for your valuables or if you're like me... your lip gloss.  Aged brass hooks and clips paired with vintage finished leather, compliment the rustic yet refined style of this bag.  Each bag is guaranteed, "one of a kind" and adorned with antique English horse brass from the Queens coronation dating back from the 1800's. 

Thank you Amy,  for walking the runway modeling "Brielle"

I'm beyond excited to share this dream come true with all of you and I look forward to seeing you accessorize with my new line... "Kymberley Fraser" Designs.  


After the show you'll be able to find my pieces in my store A Beautiful Mess 
and online... coming very soon! 
( more on that in my next post )


  1. Gorgeous Kymberley!!~ I love your labels too!!~
    Hope you have a lovely day!!

  2. Love the bag.. Cant wait to see the cost to purchase this lovely bag... Enjoy your day.. Blessings Pam

  3. What a beautiful bag. Simple but well designed.

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  5. Awww...this is the first one I have MISSED!! And your bags would have been my favorite find!!! Let me know if you sell wholesale in the future.

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  8. Everything looks so girly and cute! Totally inspired. Antique Mantel Clocks . thank you!!

  9. Beautiful bag. How can I buy? It would go well with my collection on