Thursday, June 9, 2011

As promised....

Two weeks ago I introduced all of you to The Junk Girls In my post I promised you all that I would share with you their latest creation; which has been hush hush until now......

The Junk Girls "Wine Bling"

Jenny and Melissa have created two sets of  packaged "Wine Bling".  One of the sets is, "Cheers" in 6 different languages and the other is, "Bliss".  Like their new brass "Bling" I featured in their introduction post, these are made from old brass kick plates taken out of old schools in Central California.  Melissa has them punched out and then individually hand-stamps each one.  I bet if you wanted a personalized set; Melissa would be happy to create one for you.

The Junk Girls "Wine Bling" will be available at A Beautiful Mess in the coming week for $36 a set.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

I'm off to Alameda with my 3 Fine Grains and A Beautiful Mess Antiques. I hope to see some of you you there!

If you're near Agoura Hills stop in and check out all the new pieces Karen, Marilyn, Victoria, and Tina have been bringing in.  We'll be open all weekend...


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